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202: Why Healthcare Professionals Need to Understand the Four Quadrants of Leadership

September 22, 2022

So what Bolman and Deal end up saying is that managers live in the structural frame and the human resource frame. Basically, managers manage for stability and order, while leaders, yes, they are definitely performing in those four frames, but they can also switch the lens towards a political frame or a symbolic frame. So that is what makes them different from managers, because leaders lead for dramatic change, useful and dramatic change.
- Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken

Leadership is something that many physicians and health care professionals find important. So many of us want to learn how we can be a better leader and what it takes for the building blocks of leadership within an organization. We also want to understand leadership better, not only because we may want to step into leadership positions someday, but we want to know and understand how we can be led more effectively, by better understanding what it is that leaders do. Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken sheds some important light on that for us. 

Tosca is a consultant, coach, public thought leader, and author. Her focus is on nonprofit organizations, both domestic and international. She's also the host of the podcast NGO Soul and Strategy, and host of several courses on virtual team leadership, including a course built to include physician leaders. At the start of her career, Tosca worked as an international development practitioner for a European think tank, The World Bank, the U.S. nonprofit, and the United Nations. 

Over the last 30 years in her leadership development and coaching practice, Tosca discovered a particular set of concepts known as the four frames model. Tosca walks us through those four frames in detail. We also discuss organizational politics and how they play into leadership. 

Burnout is often tied to no longer feeling like our work has meaning or purpose, and one of the ways we can help our teams rediscover that sense of purpose is by using storytelling, a technique for leaders that ties into the four frames. Tosca shares some valuable wisdom around how to grow as a leader through expanding our horizons and thinking outside of our own confined boxes. 


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What’s Inside:

  • The four frames model of how we view leadership.
  • How to find meaning and purpose through storytelling.
  • How we can break out of our own confined viewpoints to become better leaders.

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